This is driving me insane and I will be infinitely grateful
to anyone who can help!

At some point, the ADD OR REMOVE PROGRAMS feature in my XP Home
Control Panel just stopped working. The icon is there and
when I double-click on it I get a split second of hourglass
and then nothing. APPWIZ.CPL is still on my drive
(8/18/2001 5:00AM 545k) When I double click directly on
it, I get the same results.

I really, really don't want to reformat & reload because of
all the things on my computer. But unless a piece of
software comes with its own uninstall routine, I am
permanently stuck with it.

Worship and praise in advance for anyone who can fix this.

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try this ,Click start> run> in the run box type "sfc /scannow" without the quotes.
Note the space between the c and /.
Have your xp cd file protection will ask for it.
Reboot when done.

Yes! Marry me, caperjack?

(Excessive thanks!!!)

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