I'm new to DaniWeb and looking forward to getting acquainted. I run a small tax and accounting business here in Alaska. We have a small network in the office and in a period of overkill I took a two year CCNA course at the local college and ended up with a lot of information but not much practical experience. I really enjoy computers and get a lot of chance to use them in day to day operations but not much time to improve my knowledge and skills so I hope that the rest of you have a lot of patience.

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welcome to daniweb

p.s what is CCNA?

Actually it is unnaturally warm in Alaska right now - we're basking in 40 degree weather and it's raining. CCNA is a Cisco Certified Network Associate and it tried to teach me how to set up and run networks. I learned lots of intials and for a brief period felt like I knew what was going on but time has taken care of that.:lol: Thanks for the welcome.


Welcome to DaniWeb, and just how cold is it in Alaska right now? :)

It's not very cold - it's 40 degrees and raining. Global warming must have hit :cool: Thanks for the welcome.

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