Safari in Dominica (Between Martinique & Guadeloupe)

A nice & rustic restaurant in local wood showing the chainsaw’s cuts, a pirate ambiance where the Admiral Nelson would surely like to wake up and simulate the old glories. 2 beaches, a closed dive center.On a cliff just above the sea, in the middle of thousands tours and you didn’t reserved yet!
I live in Dominica, where I organise safari:
1. Tomb raider, with wet bones, because we cross deep rivers to reach the water falls.
2. Cool: beaches + women in bikini (this I like plenty!), bars, indian reserve, old ruins( not me!).
3. Hard: *-boilink lake, a hike of 5.30 hours to reach the volcano, just go up and down with the only choice: follow me!
*-watching the wild parrots (dress in flashing clothes, the parrots love it, they’ll start to laugh at us and they’ll be so excited that we’ll find them easier, trust me on it!).
4. Nothing, YES, sometimes, I do nothing.
See more about us??? http://stonedge.free.fr

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