It seems to me there is alot of Phony Emails for B of A, eBay and Amazon. The FBI and Antiphishing websites and I can't remeber other one to report the frauds to.

What do you do when you get the emails? or they have gotten so bold as to get a dialer and call phone numbers also .. they will ask DOB's and Lic. and Social Security Numbers.


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Yup and they prey on unsuspecting, honest souls... I had to take a developmentally disabled victim friend of mine to the police station to see somje friends of mine in the fraud hitech unit.... A person got into his accout and almost took $4100.00 US. Stealing money from the disabled .. come on! I asked my friends if I could come out of semi-retirement .. and help with pick the suspect up ... they wanted to be they were afraid I would do the suspect harm.... i guess they seized most of his computer equipment and funds.

i know its horrible

we had naerly £1000 taken out of my parents account by frausters who used it to buy tickets to italy and phonecards after my parents used a cash mahcine that cloned thier cards

I get hundreds of spam every day. First I move everything to junk mail folder, sort by address then move the mail back to inbox only those whose addresses I recognize. All others get deleted without opening them. e-mail from well-known companies such as AOL, Microsoft, etc that I did not request also get ignored.

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