posted about my latest project w/o knowing "newbie" was going to be plastered all over my post... my ramble after this thought is only to show you just how i am and think in reguards to the computer/technology "scene" ;) ......the compaq speakers made the ibook worth selling i guess, sold it for more than ebay was letting them go for.... i mean it was only a g3... it needed some bass.... thank god for solder and the ability to improvise...the lady who runs the local comp shop GAVE me the compaq speaker fixture that i had to take apart to remove the actual speakers from, just because she said that speakers can not be replaced, let alone w/speakers that did not come out of
the same make and model of computer... sounds like the people at best buy when i asked them why i couldn't hear my 6 cd change through my aftermarket head unit "they aren't by the same manufacturer", people have no faith in the fact that nothing is so ORIGIONAL that it can not be moddified to a point that will make it mesh with something similar... i do think that good musitians and bad musitians have both been found using a strat or a les paul at one time or another... wires
are wires.... and ICs are ICs.... good thing i am a newbie, i can talk about all this shit and i don't even need a certification... who needs A+, C++.... you people are all wasting your money on the classes, just buy the books and fuck the exams too, like people are practically throwing their computers at me and do you think they ask me if i am certified? i'm just playing....i fix everyone's comp for free, i think it's fun...you are all getting paid for my hobbie... enjoy your benzes and beemerz and i'll enjoy my accord w/my modded stereo, going on 145K already.... life is a trip.... i have much respect for all you brains who follow the rules, w/o
your diagrams, i wouldn't have a way to brake the rules.... much love! seriously, much love!
peace~ Miranda
(btw, i am not a apple/mac person, i was fixing my fiance's toy, so he could step up to the new duo intel mac at least....)

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