While looking for some help with my networking problems PC MightyMAX kicked in telling me that it could diagnose and fix all my problems. Before I spend money can anyone tell me if PC Mighty\Max is a valid "helper". I apologize if this post is on the wrong Forum but I am relatively new to all of this. Thanks in advnace.

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Its a virus/spyware. I searched it in google. DO NOT USE IT. Try and remove it and run virus scans and spyware scans. You got it most likely by clicking on a banner or popup.

They are right, these pop ups happen very often from spydoctor to virus destroyer to god knows the names of them, something that cathes your eye at least, but they are not good, believe me, my Norton has deleted many in the past. One that may be good, not sure for your situation but its possible is the Registry Mechanic, bought the CD and all, seems to fix my incorerect registry and more!!

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