A Microsoft rep, when fixing a "Windows One Live Care" problem
noted when running a ipconfig command prompt, when pinging
my computer, the request timed out. Should I, and why should I
be concerned about this? Command Prompt answers: 4 packets
sent, 0 recieved, 100% lost. Also checking on Status 1394 Connection
shows Activity: 0 sent, 0 recieved. Can someone explain what all
this means, and how to fix it? I imagine that "pinging" stats are
important, and 0 Activity in the 1394 Connection is NRAB -
"Not Recommended As Best." Thank you for your help!

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Don't worry about the 1394 connection. That is for networking firewire devices. As for your normal connection, if you have your firewall turned on and/or behind a router of some sort, you are probably ok there too as that will block ping requests.

Hope this helps,


A little background on why he had you do this:
A 'Ping' request is an ICMP packet sent to the destination address to ensure connectivity between the devices, while many firewalls do block these type of requests to avoid network scanners/hackers etc. from being able to do this, it is a very important network troubleshooting step, so the first thing he should have asked you to do was disable any firewalls you were running. If you still get the time outs after the firewall is disabled, then something on the "network" isn't configured correctly, most likely the ip and/or subnet mask in the computers you are attempting to use.

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