I am anonymous, and I dont know why.
I can create lots of sentences that begin with I.
I dont know what I am doing here exactly.
I want a job in IT.
I didnt go to college but I am very smart.
I spent 11 grand on the MCSE track and got as far as MCP all on my own with no real help from the school I paid.
I didnt see a job at the end of that tunnel.
I like microsoft but I know what it is worth.
I would like to learn more about what I can do with a computer to make a modest income, before I die.
I can tell I am really gonna need your help.
I have been abused and kicked out of forums for no good reasons.

As far as computers and the internet goes, I feel like I am locked in a trunk and I want to come out.
I have a XP Home pc that I share with wife and younger children.
I plan to get my own pc again someday.
I bought SUSE 10 and dont know how to use it.
I wanted to run a website from home with it.
I gave up on that for now.
I own 23 domain names that I dont know what to do with.

I will answer any questions you have about me politely and respectfully.
I try to type simple english but wind up being silly or misunderstood alot.
I dont have alot of free time.
I gotta go now.
I will be back, cya later !

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I spent 11 grand on the MCSE track

Ouch sounds like you got sucked in by the learn-IT-from-home commericals. You know the ones, where they ask to pay a shed load of money for a course that you have to teach yourself!

Never mind. Welcome to daniweb.


> I have been abused and kicked out of forums for no good reasons.
Well this won't happen here - we try to be a very friendly group. I promise.

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