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Who knows a bit about Securom from Sony? I discovered my original disk is keyed with Securom. I have made a runnable copy using Alcohol 120% but I need an emulator running on my HD to use the new backup disk.

The majority of my program resides on my HD with an icon to start it. The backup disk contains an Autorun.exe which must be in place in my cr-rom drive before the icon will start the program. I would like to have all of my program on my HD and be able to start by clicking the icon. The Securom is preventing me from doing this. Therefore I am gathering information on this key system. If an emulator can read the key and allow the program to run, how does it do that? Anybody know? Am I right on my assumption that Securom places the key info on abnormal length sectors?

I've monitored the activity as the Autorun does it's thing. There is a
high number of calls to the registry. I imagine, after the time stamp checks, it compares the key with a number hidden in the registry. If I can find the "jump" call after the "compare" and I can rewrite a jump to the run position regardless of the "compare" result, I can then bypass the key altogether. The large size of the main exe is making that a chore to trace. Any ideas? I haven't yet monitored the action as the emulator works but I plan to do that soon. I'd like to know a little more before I start.

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For those readers who have an interest but didn't feel as though they had enough to contribute, here are some interesting sites to visit to learn more.

Wikipedea has a lot of info on SecuRom and in general, CD protection.

There are 2 sites worth looking at. CD Freaks and Alcohol forum.

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