A critical bug in WMP9 and 10 has been discovered and there already is a proof of concept code that can exploit it.

Read more about it here

Test your player to see if its vulnerable here (Proof of Concept test file) -- I tested mine and it wouldnt play it (Got an error message (wmp9))

Grab a patch from Microsoft here

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Does the fact i have the version of XP without media player (the european post antitrust one) mean i need the patch or not?


Theres a version of XP called Windows XP N - It contains no bundled media player etc... and a minimal integrated IE so that microsoft provides an alternbative for users, in line with the EUs supreme courts antitrust ruling. (i baught it in france)


i just installed media player in the end anyways, i couldnt live without the sync feature (grrr... damn media player 11 doesnt support my PDA anymore but meh)


WHat was the point in buying XP n? You can remove windows media player anyway... Did it cost you less, I'm guessing not.


i just installed media player in the end anyways

Did you try the test file in wmp11 to see what happens??

You can remove windows media player anyway

Not in Vista you cant,if you try and even disable "Send usage data to MS" you cant use most of the OS.. (They wanna keep track of everyone like the spies they have become.)


yes, you can just install media player if you feel like it too. its in no way crippled.

you can only get buisness or basic in an N edition


VLC is nice enough for me and lite player it plays anything you give it.
I have already uninstalled WMP (I hate heavy things).

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