You have a cat and two rats? The cat doesn't try to eat them?

You have a cat and two rats? The cat doesn't try to eat them?

i had rats, a cat and a guinea pig, and nobody tried to eat each other :) they were friends. so i think it's a similar situation

my friend has 3 cats and a dog. The cats boss the dog around :)

That's because cats are smarter than dogs :)

thats especially true in the case

the dog in queston is a black lab and as dumb as 2 short planks although he does have a fascination for all things shoes....

To get over your clown phobia, watch "Killer Clowns from Outer Space" as soon as possible!

Well, I'm not terrified of clowns because the only clown I got to see up close failed his magic trick.. mainly because my friends and I figured out what he was doing.. so you could say that we had the power over the clown. hehe..

I'm still a child. So I find it weird that this thread is "childhood phobias"..

Anyway, I hate the dark too. But what really scares me are sudden, scary sounds IN the dark. That's when I really start to freak out and bolt. Shadows don't help too.. I'd rather have pitch-black than shadowy kind of dark. Imagination can kill you. X|

But what really scares me worse than anything.. is having to go to a place without a decent toilet! Hurr.. public toilets are scary.. haha..

public toilets are scary.. haha..

Very true :lol:

yeah thier well manky

i especially hate those portable ones

where we are the loos have UV lights so druggies cant find a vein but it means you cant see ( to put it politely) where you are aiming meaning its a very wierd esperience

where we are the loos have UV lights so druggies cant find a vein

I never heard of this before. I take it that's a big problem there with druggies using the public restrooms?

not a huge problem but it is an issue - people are worried about children finding needles

Cauliflower ....I can't even spell It! I eat alot of stuff and I've even eaten insects ... but you put Cauliflower on my plate ... no matter how your dress it up ..and I'm outta their .. No prblem with brussell sprouts and broccilli .. but i'll leave the room or just move the dish away from my view...

I'm the most mellow person and I pretty much have no fear....
but I shudder and complain when Cauliflowers Near.

"I'm strong to the finish, cause I eats mi spinach! I'm popeye the sailor man ... Toot-Toot"

i like cauliflower cheese and i like sprouts in a curry but hate them on thier own
I remember going to popeye land when i was younger actually.....

You guys were talking about critters ealier ... In my nature center I have to handle Hissing cockroaches, african millipedes, tarantullas-sp, scorpions, and vinegaroons. We have and insect fiare once a year the rest of the year we take the insects and our animals out of the parks and into the classroom. We also have snakes, turtles, newts, frogs, crayfish, etc. The kids seem to don't mind our critters... but the moms and teachers ...oh! especilally the dads... I had one get the cold sweats and almost faint when I took out the big cockroaches and it hissed at him!

Wow :eek:

So you will actually push a plate of cauliflower out of your view because it bothers you that much, but you'll pick up a hissing cockroach without a care? That has to be one of the strangest things I've heard :)

Yup! Weird ..huh..

I could probably eat cauliflower in a survival situation .. but that would be the only exception...I just don't like the stuff..the smell, looks and texture.

It's weird also cuz in survival school - I grossed out the Sgts. and other students... because I had no problem eating all kinds of gross stuff - grubs, bugs, innards of fish and animals.. and when we went to the ocean .. I at urchin, snails, seaweed, limpets, barnacles, eels,, everything but sharks, dolphins or stingrays (cuz of religious beliefs).. I actually gained weight at survival school! . But when we got to eat regular food in the mess hall. i wouldn't touch the caulifloweer with cheese. Like I said ..I have no problem with brussel sprouts, brocilli or mustard and cabbage ...and their part of that food family.

Now that I think about it .. I disliked certain MRE's but thats normal .. I would strip them down and put cliff or power bars jerky or salami in a couple and revacuum pack them.

Maybe,something happened when I was little with cauliflower or I got sick! i know its not genetic...because my daughter and nephews love the stuff.. I gotta call my mom or aunties maybe they know.

Wow. That's some weird eatin! The ONLY thing in that post that would get past my lips is broccoli.

Maybe I'm picky... maybe I'm just "normal". Who knows :p ;)

brocolli is nice. when i was younger my mum used to tell me they were little trees :)

@Junyah: How are you with Broccoflower?

OMG! ( I am still a child, truth be told ) But I am phobic of both insects and spiders! houseflies don't really bother, neither butterflies, but just about everything else and I'm scared it'll touch me! XD

When I was a bit younger, though, I was scared to death of heights. Did you have to climb a rope in gym class? I couldn't get 12 feet off the ground without chickening out. Maybe i still couldn't >.<

I'm scared it'll touch me! XD

Funny you say that because everyone tells me "oh, they won't bite", but I'm not scared of being bitten, I just don't want them to touch me. No one understands it :p

haven't tried brocilliflower, i got my kids to eat brocilli with the tree story.. I like brocilli .. with lemon and soy sauce.

I eat the insects only 2 times a year .. and that's for my students not to supplement my meals.

I only play with the insects, arthropods, and crustaceans and creepy crawly now ... My basic set for field trips are: African Milipede, Tarantula, Hissing Cockroach, Crayfish, Newt, Banana Slug, Kngsnake, And Toad.

You get kinda used to them ... and you don't force it on the kides, teachers or parents...

You'd be amzed how almost all of them come up and touch the critters... I'm in the process of making pokemon style fact cards for each critter... I experimented with making one for the hissing cockroach .. and the kids loved it ... and the hissing cockroach was the favorite.

I don't like cauliflowers and brocolli. Sometimes some worms get stuck between the little tree branches and when you bite on them.. :blech:

As for insects, it depends on my mood. But there was one time when I brought back a roly-poly to our dorm, because my roommate was really scared of them, I told her: I have a surprise for you, it's in your desk.

When she opened the box, the insect wasn't there! I was the one who got scared, because I have this fear of insects crawling into my ear and eating my brain (I think I happened to watch an episode of X-files where the worms enter your body but that was years ago.. maybe when I was 4 or 6?).

Good thing my other roommate found the roly-poly in her shoe. HAHA.. From then on, I limited my practical jokes to the non-insectopia category.

finally someone that does not like cauliflower

Cauliflower is pretty gross, but broccoli isn't too bad..

When I was a child, I was kinda afraid of the dark. Like someone was going to sneek up to me while I was sleeping and scare me or something. I liked to have some sort of light. Just so my eyes could dialate a little easier.

I'd have to say growing up, I grew a phobia of germs, to a point. I don't mind working on my car or getting greasy, or even getting dirty in any way. But whenever I get out of the shower, I avoid my toilet as much as possible. As if it's the most germ infested thing in my house. I'll get all squeeky clean and I don't want to touch a nasty toilet. I will often spray lysol all around my house sometimes too. Keyboard, Mouse, any other buttons, light switches, door knobs, the entire toilet (lol), and probably the most avoided thing, my Cell Phone. Surprisingly, I bet anyone's cell phone probably has more germs than any other thing in their possession. Imagine house many people have touched it, yelled at it, talked on it while sweating, coughing, and it probably doesn't ever get cleaned.

Oh yeah, I won't eat anything off the floor either. Unless it's maybe a piece of hard candy where I can clean it off or something. Then it's ok. Otherwise I'm afraid I'm going to get really sick if I eat anything that has even touched the floor.

toilets and floors are pretty dirty. When I left police work for working in the parks .. I had to clean toilets every now and then.

They were so gross .. but I came up with a system. I would just hose them off then clean them with a pole .. I bought and extending pole that i did everything with .. and then I would clean the pole with lysol or disinfectant.


I was in Disneyland, and we watched this alien show......and in the end the alien killed a plumber that was wrking on a toilet.....I couldn't go to the bathroom for so long.......Th entire vacation I couldn't go to the bathroom.....