What exactly does the bit refer to, in terms of '64 bit OS' '32 bit OS' etc. If possible, tell me in tech speak and then simply explain it and what difference it makes to me, as I find that's a good way for me to learn about this kind of stuff.

Thanks all :)

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A "bit" is a digital storage unit that is either 1 or 0. All subsequent storage units, such as byte, kilobyte, etc are made up of bits.

So what does this mean in computing? Well, generally speaking, 32 bit computing means that most of the data transfers done inside your computers are done 32 bits at a time. That is, a 32 bit graphics card has a 32 bit-wide cable that can transfer this information.

64 bits simply means a larger pathway for the data to flow through, and thus you should theoretically get faster computing. Of course, the drawbacks are you need specially optimized programs for the 64 bit chip to really take advantage of 64 bit computing.

Edit: here's the link to the Wikipedia article on it

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