hi E'body! I am VERY new...and also a rookie at that! Please forgive me if I say stupid things, but I think hanging with you all will get me up to speed quickly! I only wanted an opinion on my company website, but saw far more interesting things about / on this website - decided to stay!

I am interested in learning more about web design as I enjoy playing and I designed my company web with NO knowledge of anything! FTP was some foreign ice-cream to me, but now, I think it's the best thing since the wheel! I'm quite chuffed with myself re RSS - I put this on my web often and manage to stay on page 1 of the search engines.

I still, however, have no knowledge of HTML coding. my website did it all on it's own (MSPub) and JAVA still resembles coffee in my mind.

I'm a South African girl - are there any other SA's around?

Anyway, I have lots to learn...

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hi there 'ne kid', glad to meet you. Welcome to the boards. I hope the community can help you and visa versa


Glad you decided to stay, we are a friendly bunch and it really is like having a huge IT soaked brain at hand to help out when you need it.

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