hey i need a new laptop, I am willing to spend between $600 - $800 USD. I really like the vaios but they're kinda out of my price range. I will be purchasing online and I am kinda leaning more along the lines of an Hp and not really dell.

Any suggestions????

well, in addition to cost, you may wanna take into consideration what you're going to be using the PC for, for example if you're a PC gamer, you'll want to think about grapics (monitor size), memory, processor speed, weight, wirless and battery power....just to name a few. Personally, i've had no problems with DELL, you can get great deals from them with decent specs. The SONY is pretty kool too.

http://www.newegg.com/ is the best place to start looking for that laptop.just last month my wife and i did the research looking for one with XP\sp2 on it. founded an ASUS that had XP and the price was under 800$. It has a duel core AMD processor, 1gb of memory, 14or 15 inch screen, and an 80gb hdd.She loves it, and besides it looks good too!:)

If it has vista DO NOT get less than 1gb ram. 2GB ram is better

simple ram to performance table

256------OK but slow-------Wont even boot
512------Average-----------OK but slow

and yeah go dual core. A sempron or celeron or something like that will be sloooooow with vista. Also bear in mind that vista will eat hard disk space like anything. 60gb is a minimum to look for (120 is better)

An $800 dollar Toshiba Satellite laptops kicks major booty. I have 2 Satellites (one 15' Core Solo, one 17' Pentium M) and a Dell, and overall, the Toshibas are better.

I recently installed Vista Ultimate on the 1.8GHz Core Solo with 512MB of Ram, and I must say the performance is not really a lot slower than with XP, and it's used regularly for everyday tasks like browsing, movies, office editing (word, ppt) and such, all while using NOD32 as an antivirus (that helps a lot).