My Girlfriend has an Exchange e-mail account. Or i should better say 2 accounts. One at a University and another at her new job which she will start full time at the end of the semester.
Her University account was easy to set up in outlook express since all the needed info was provided.
The other Exchange acccount from her new job makes some problems. She would love to get it working with OE because e-mails would be readable offline and other reasons, because she will be doing somne fieldwork in her new job.
After telling her boss at her new job about setting up outlook (OE) for exchange he was interessted too and said he could need it too.
He's answer from the responsible IT guy was simple:"...our firewall won't allow it."
Sorry....i am not an IT guy....but i don't believe this guy.
I must say it is a government job, but nothing secret.
Is there a way to figure it out oureself or is it possible that their firewall won't allow it?

We already set up an new account in OE with the in and outgoing servers like shown in the adressbar when loging in in IE. Username and pasword also entered.
OE tries to authorize but then quits.

Any help is welcome.

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I'm a little confused with this one. The company has an exchange server(s) but people can't use Outlook with it? What's the point of having a mail server then? The next logical question would be what does the company use for the email client?

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