:?: Can anyone please let me know where can I find some sample tests for different technologies/languages/skills regarding web development?

I need these for the below mentioned:PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, .NET, ColdFUsion, JSP, Ruby, XML, Soap, CSS, HTML, JavaScript.

Thank you in case anyone can help.


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By testing do you mean you want to test your these type of pages on same server.

By testing do you mean you want to test your these type of pages on same server.

After reading this I realise I wasn't clear enough.

Actually I mean testing as in being tested to get a job. I.e. testing your knowledge of the above mentioned languages/technologies.

I'm desperate for information now


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Well w3school.com have few tests on above languages. try them

The best test is really experience. You could learn all of those languages to a competent enough degree to take a test, but you'll find it's more productive to learn powerful and useful technologies to to the highest degree you can, and then keep trying to learn more.

Pick the following as important:

- XML,HTML,CSS,Javascript (all are quite easy, especially if you learn them together)
- PHP and/or Perl (because they're usually available in some form)
- Asp/Asp.Net (because some employers will force you to use Microsoft servers)
- XSLT (it's not on your list but learn it anyway, it's better than anything on that list when it comes to flexible content management/process automation)
- Some raw application languages (C++, Java etc) you might find them useful for automation and perhaps server-side software; and even if you don't the skills you'd get from learning those (and others) transpose well to alot of other languages.
- and then go back to the begining of the list, and learn about all the aspects of those technologies that you didn't understand properly the first time.

Otherwise, tests are just tests. A formal test won't teach you anything about the things you don't know, it'll just teach you what you know; moreso, unless they're official* or well known certifications, they wont be much help in a job interview. Knowing, and being confident in your capabilities is worth more, even if it's only to you.

*Microsoft might run official ASP training, Sun definately run lots of training/certification courses, I don't see why they wouldn't do one for JSP.

Just remembering the interview question and answer and getting a job might work, but the company is hiring you because they want you to work in a project related to a specific technology, so better way is to master few technologies and you would not have to go through thousands of interview question and answer

there's a word for trying to cheat yourself past a job interview, and that word is FRAUD.

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