i just recently bought a Dell Latitude 110L. i have been messing around with it to get the jist of it. when i shut the lid, it goes into hibernation. and when i open the lid again i have no idea how to get out of hibernation. does anyone know how this works?

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Sure do. Right click the background>Properties>Screen Saver>Power

In here are a bunch of settings that deal with that.

Thanks. :)

Whoops, misread ;) For getting out of hibernation, try holding the power button, as Dani said below. :)

Power button? Really don't know, sorry.

i tried that but it does nothing, it has an option for "when i close the lid of my computer" but the only option is "do nothing". i have no idea what to do.

the power button only shuts off the computer

under the option "When I close the lid of my computer", there should be 4 options: Shut down, restart, hibernate and stand by. Choose whatever you want the computer to do.

If youre talking about how to resume from hibernation, just opening the lid should bring the computer out of hibernation. Otherwise, just press the power button.

Adding on to what GoldEagle2005 said, I recommend you spend a lot of time configuring your power options. For instance, if you keep your laptop at home, and never use it for trips, you should choose "Always On" or you can create your own scheme that suits you.


on my thinkpad i push the fn modifier key (blue near where control etc...) with another one in order to suspend, hibernate, wake etc...

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