I like female, male likes female and female likes male.

What if anything does that have to do with the gender ratio on this forum?


Well, I think Christina is right (referring to the first post of her). After 2 years of working in IT, my mother still doesn't understand what I do! Did I forget to include my friends? They also don't either(boys included)!

By the way, I'm a female, so no offense to my gender. We can be intelligent when we want to, but the problem is, most of the time, we don't want to!!!!

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As a female majoring in software engineering, I thing that society still maintains a socially imbalanced view. When people hear that I am going into engineering, they all say..."Wow. You don't see too many women doing that. What made you want to do that?" When my roommate tells people she's going into nursing she hears "Oh that's cool. Nurses get paid pretty well." :-o Ummm last time I checked software engineers make great money. So why the difference in responses solely based on gender/career choice?


>>So why the difference in responses solely based on gender/career choice?

Because for the past one million or so years it has been women's place to be in the home raising children. It's only been during the past 50 or so years (it started in WWII) that women have ventured out into employment. It may be a hundred or more years before women will be accepted just as men are.


I agree that today men are in majority in this field and I agree to the reason as well.
But the day is not so far when people will start realising that female also do have BRAIN.They also think intellectually.
So no offense to any gender but talent is never gender biased.Its just that who got the exposure and who were not able to get the same.


I wish my girlfriend would had majored Computer Science.

Why do you wish that she had majored in computer science?


More men I bet...

Most girls are not smart .. no offense to my gender.. but we're too interested in drama and painting our fingernails.

when comparing brain skills , you need to go deepest into the brain and study the cotex
more very deeply to find the difference between the male and female brain.They are same.

But, socially ,there are some facts that never can't be turn false.
Females are more smart in Education and brain related skills because that's their
only way to climb to top unlike males.Male can start a motobike repair shop and have
a nice life.I'm male and I am experienced in underwater welding,so I can easily earn the
money that I need.But for the females they need a good education to find a good job.So
that's why every female want to be a teacher/university lecture,Engineer or a doctor.
In my country most of the males in my age (24) are doing jobs and earning good salary
per a month.Only really hobbyists are studying still.Even I can easily find a job and
work some time and save some money to start my own business,but I want to be a greek
seriously.You can see this by counting the male/female faces the ratio is less than
1 always.because male doesn't need to be a geek to earn something called a good salary.

But in the case of females they are born into that.The only way that they can get a good
job is through cultivating their skills over the Education.So because of that reason
females are not drop out of the academic until they completely finished to at least
their masters.Even they complete their masters they can't get a good salary.

>> My girlfriend is higly intelligent and I love this about her! I learn so much from her.
I really don't need an highly intelligent girl-friend personally.She should be
beautiful ,slim and with light good skin. I don't care whether she is intelligent or
not,but she should be beautiful for sure.Boys don't think those things ,boys don't
ask what is your G.P.A value to make a relationship with you.But educational
qualifications does add some value to their labor demand for sure.Human romantic
relationships are depend on just the attraction.


Here in USA men also don't really like successful women. There was an article on TV a couple years back that studied the love live of successful single women -- they have a really hard time finding men to date probably because men are afraid of them. It seems men do not want a woman who is more successful than he is.

And women also find a certain amount of discrimination even at the M.D. or Ph.D. level. I had a woman family doctor who once told me that she wanted to be a surgeon but was denied because they already had all the women surgeons they wanted.

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58 votes men in 73 votes. It seems that there are a lot of men on daniweb. I think girls like to go shopping.

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