Hi all,

I'm a bit stuck with the idea of creating a virtual tour on my website. I've been looking around and there is a lot of expensive software used for the creation of these tours, but no free alternatives which I have found.

The first problem is; Is there a free alternative to the commercial virtual tour software?

The second is; What language preference for the virtual tour is ideal (Javascript, flash etc..), if any?

Thirdly; Is there an alternative I am not aware of.

any help will greatly appreciated as i'm at a bit of a loss with this.

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Cheers, for the reply.

I like the tours you gave as an example but I think they may be out of my grasp in terms of coding, as I am no 100% comfortable with Java and would not know where to begin.

Is there any tutorial sites which I may benifit from.



Thanks Yerbol,

I will take a look and see how far I get.

Thanks again


No offence but that's a big job. You'd do well to get even close. I'd go for the commerical version or try and crack it. :)


Whether you need a 360 tour done for you or if you want to RENT a do it yourself kit (or buy one) Voyager 360 Virtual Tours is the only firm that does that (rentals). They walk you through the process of shooting your own tours by giving you raining through the computer and over the phone.

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