Hello friends...
I want to run MP3 music files in linux and can anyone suggest what to be downloaded ..any software or so...for playing the MP3 filees...
wil be waiting for the replies...

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It depends on what you're trying to do. jbennet is right - you need codecs. However, many MP3 encoders come with codecs built right in, so you need to decide what you're trying to do.

Basic encoders include

  • LAME - very popular encoder, although development has halted, and is of very low quality
  • BladeEnc - a slightly better encoder, and development is also halted
  • NotLame - A great improvement over LAME and probably the best option out of all of these

However, usually the problem is that you have to use these encoders with a special command line program, kind of unideal for ripping CDs, etc. Hopefully you can find applications that are wrappers for these encoders that meet your needs.


Mplayer handles just about anything you throw at it. Depending on what window manager and distro you're running...you will most likely be able to install it with a package manager.

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