I just received a Raidmax I tower with a Biostar U8068 motherboard installed (which has onboard video) from my father. My daughter bought me a V7 19" wide screen TFT LCD monitor. I installed my hard drive, CD R/W and DVD player/burner and everything worked fine. Removed one of the Double sided DIMM's to see who made it and put it back in. When I rebooted the computer, all the LED lights worked, heard a beep, but; no video.

I hooked the new monitor up to this older computer that I'm using now and it works fine; so it's not the monitor that's the problem.

I've gone to the Biostar site and can't seem to find any help/support on this board. Can someone on this site help me figure out what's going on with this computer? Do I need to disable the onboard video? How do I do it when I can't see the monitor? Are there jumpers that need changed? If so which ones? Help!!!


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make sure the monitor plug ins a in good.

open the case and make sure that all cables memory any adaptor cards are connected and seated good.

Thanks for your quick reply. I think I've done all that and still no video. still trying to figure out how to disable the onboard video without video???

Only way I know of to disable onboard video is to use a GFX card.

If your are using the onboard video connection you don't need to disable it.have you checked the settings on the monitor?

do you have another monitor you can hook to the computer?

Also try hooking the new one to another machine could be the monitor itself.

Check the ram again, could be a bit of dirt fallen into the ram slot. Happen to me one time when i was cleaning my computer

The new TFT LCD monitor, are you using the correct setting on the monitor? Sometimes if you have an digital setting on the monitor and have it plugged in using an analog setting it won't work. Screen would appear to be blank. Also, if you have an older computer that does not have a Digital capable monitor I would suggest you not use an LCD screen, picture would look horrible unless you can upgrade the video card to allow the monitor to accept digital output from the older computer.

your bios is probably set to automatically choose to use a AGP/PCI/-E video card over the on board one (unless you have a Dell (only system bios i know of that does have an auto function)) so if you plug a graphics card in it should work. HOWEVER if you're getting boot error code beeps it could be because that stick of RAM you removed is not back in properly/broken try taking it out again and boot (assuming you have another stick in there) if it doesn't boot with the one stick removed def stick another gfx card in, if that doesn't boot you can try a CMOS reset and if that doesn't work you'll probs need a new mobo

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