I would like to know if I just copied MBR, partition information, etc. Is it possible, or do I need to image? Whats the best thing to do?

My first post, sorry if it is in the wrong place.

I'm in my first year of Networking and Communications B.A. and very new to hardware.

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Not to sound rude here But before getting into networking it is a good idea to learn computer Operating systems and there various tools and the hardware.

Good luck though in your studies and hope you do well.

But to your question.

There are a couple of ways to back up your system.

Windows has a backup tool in Start - accessories - System tools


You can use a third party software like Norton Ghost - Bounce Back - EZ Gig.
that will make bootable backups.alot of people like Norton ghost to create an image of there drive.but it is as anything else it is what you like.I myself have 5 backup drives yes 5 lost everything once (Keyword "once").all important files i copy to all the drives.the only thing is determining what type of back up.

Check these.




Hope this helps if not Please let us know will help further.



I take no offense, I appreciate your advice. I am right now taking hardware, software classes and I could not find the answer in my text.

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