Morning all.
I am having problems booting machine, It started with a problem booting up, it both restarted during xp screen or froze. assumed hdd, got new one. while doing this clean out case, therm paste chip. check all cables.. re installed windows and the same thing happens.. ok change ide cable same, new processor, swop and change ram, still the same, different xp disc, same, any ideas! bios reset and just in case tried second new hard drive formattted with active kill disc.. got me beat...
cant get specs as machine is well not booting..
any help would be great..

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PSU? Voltages ok?

how on earth would i check? i have another machine here for download discs and stuff..
may have a voltmeter somewhere?!

Looks like you have it narrowed down to PSU or motherboard. If swapping PSUs doesn't resolve the problem -- well mobo is left.

Inspect capacitors on motherboard for signs of swelling or leakage, especially the ones near CPU socket. Absence of damage does not mean they are good, but visible signs of damage does indicate they are failing.

ok.. will do thanks for advice. i have another psu here that ill be using in the morning.. but ill defo have a look for damage..

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