Alrighty guys,

I'm a college student and I just finisted my first year at Tennessee @ Knoxville and I'm in the midst of a major switch (Pre-Dental --> Computer Engineering) I've been given a project by my English teacher to figure out as a final project what I want to do with my life, and quite frankly, it couldn't have come at a worse time! I don't know very much about this field and any kind of helping me define this field would be greatly appreciated.

I know most of you probably aren't going to want to help me, but I'm under severe circumstances. I need to have some questions answered by scholars in this field due this Wednesday (05/16) and a vital interview I was supposed to have with a CE professor fell through when the person scheduling our time mistold me.

If you guys would rather me private message you or something like that, i'd be extremely cooperative.

Right now, I'm just wondering if there is anyone who would be helpful enough to not only help me with my project, but more importantly help me figure out if this is something I want to do with my life. I love computers, I know this, I just don't know if my love of computers extends this far into them.

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hey.. I would help if I could.. but I'm only a hs senior. I'm majoring in comp. engineering next year though..

Why did you go from dental to comp. engineering? Especially if you don't know much about the field. (personally, I don't know that much about it either lol..)


I've always been good with computers in Math, but I wanted to take a shot at Pre-Dental--however, I wasn't the best in my science classes and I had no desire to pursue these subjects.

I just want to major in a career that is interesting to me. I'm going to have an advising appointment today with the college of engineering here at school, so hopefully she'll be able to point me towards someone who is willing to help me.


Defining the field of computer engineering, eh?

[search]Computer Science[/search]

[search]Software Development[/search]

[search]Electrical Engineering[/search]

[search]Discrete Mathematics[/search]


I needed to have a personal interview with someone. I've done the research part, I just don't have a professional's view on the matter.

No worries, I'm in the process of getting one on campus.

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