Ok so im a student, just going into my senior year. my highschool is highly technological and all that fun stuff. so instead of waiting for my grad presents i would like to buy my self a labtop but i dont want just any labtop that is mobile.

i want to be able to play games, program and maybe do some video edditing.

the video edditing is not that importaint but basically what im saying is i want one thats capeable of dual booting with linux, got a decient processor lots of memory and all that fun stuff... even though im working off a part time job while going to school

so i need it cheap.

basically im asking what kind of stats might i need to accompish what i want and how much i really am looking at and where i might get a good price on a good labtop or if i should get some one i know (who is very qualified to build it) to build it for me. what would be the cheapest rout do you guys think?

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video editing / games are not possible for under £799 at least as laptop gfx cards are crap

ya i have noticed that... and i know im not gunna get a labtop for really really cheap but i dont wanna be paying anthing over $1,300 either...

by the way whats the conversions on that euro to dollar?

Well several things to consider.

1) If youre looking at a laptop, you'll have opt out of building your own. Therefore, taht leaves one of the PC builders around the country somewhere. My opinion: go with a Dell ;). They're sorta cheap, very reliable, and have good tech services.


the way whats the conversions on that euro to dollar?

You mean pounds? ;)? It's $1= £.0.524611 as of now.

dell are quite reasonable, although i found a site the other day called `laptops for students` you'll have to google it, but im pretty sure they sell refurbs as wells new discounted ones, although you wont get the same tech support as dell would offer you.



I'd suggest Dell's Inspiron E1705 laptop if you wanted to buy a Dell. You do get a lot of options, and Dell is great, with good customer service, but sometimes they can be a bit expensive.

Getting it built wouldn't be a bad idea either. Explore the options of the one you would get built and compare prices, that should make it easier to decide.

If all else fails and you still are not sure of where you should put your money, try going to local electronics stores or pawn shops that would sell them returned, or refurbished to save and still get the performance you would need.

This might have been too helpful, if not a little overwhelming of a reply. Lol.

uh dunno if it exists in the usa but in Woolworths a "Medion" laptop with XP and 256 ram and a celeron is like £300

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