I am having some trouble with a domain sending traiffic to my site. I block the IP address and it is dynamic as it uses another IP address. I have managed to limit the traffic flowing from the site to about 30 hits a day but they 20 sites. How can I totally get rid of this doman altogether? I am getting over 250,000 people per month without this I don't need someone utilizing my resources. My developer is not sure how to do it. I have managed to block most of it by putting the first two number of the IP address: for example 81. and it reduced it from 10,000 a day for all 20 sites to about 500-600. I could really use some suggestions.



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If the IP addresses of the sites are dynamic (which sounds a bit freaky :!: ) but their names stay the same, you could use URL referer blocking. This will only work if people are reaching your site by clicking links on the other sites. Referers are fairly easily faked, so this won't stop malicious flooding. If you want these visitors to not even reach youi pages or scripts, you'll need to change the web server settings to block these URLs.



Thanks. I will pass that on to my developer to see if that will work.

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