Yea ive tried it. ( its ok didn't think anyone would have)

Pineapple and vodka?

have tried pineapple w/o vodka..


like it (sometimes)

Snickers bar.?

Dont like them.....

Hershey bars.. (I used to like them before the company changed to SOY LECITHIN (They had been using SOYA LECITHIN whixh was a better ingredient (Too sweet now)))

never had one, (I've had hershey kisses they are good.)

banna cake with lemon icing

have not tried it...

banana cake w/raisins but w/o icing ?

never tried it but it sounds awful

derby pie (which is amazing!)

Like it if it's made from scratch.


have not tried it..

banana with condensed milk?

hate it, tooooooo sweet

bread & butter pudding with evaporated milk

LoOoOoOoOove it (hmmm, maybe a little too much)


If thats a vegetarian version of Marmite, then I can think of few things worse... but haven't tried it.

4 cheese (Cheddar, Mozarella, Feta, Haloumi) Pizza

Haven't tried it - Google tells me its rolled up herring??? eek!

cheese, jam and ham sandwiches?

um haven't tried it

home made donuts

Jam or holed??

Sandwich lying on the ground (for more than 3 seconds).

eeew... have not tried it..

Have you tried slashed your skin with a blade then swam toa alcohol pool?

um ok

licking a battery?

Yes - shocking isn't it? :D

Have you ever skinny-dipped in a public pool?

:) no, not in a pool...


haven't tried it

Calci yum?

YUK!! (Hate it)

melon juice

have not tried them :) ahihihihi:twisted:

coconut juice?

Yes, that's edible.