never tried it

drag racing and drifting??

haven't tried it

break someone leg?

commented: this made me laugh :) +11

no that came wrong i meant ever broke your leg in an accident?

like it

Breadfruit and salted-fish

haven't tried it, probably wouldn't like it.

taking tests?

Don't like it :P

Playing Tennis

haven't tried it (rounders and softball is the nearest i've got)

Playing basketball

haven't tried it, i'm not that bendy :D

Table Tennis

haven't tried it

creative writing?

liked it (only thing i was good at in english GCSE :P )


lol , well i like it, if you class shopping as going into 1 store getting the thing you want and leaving :D


don't like it , i love it :)

shoes ??

hate it

south park

hate it


bsd? do you mean BSOD ~ blue screen of death? :-/