I want to write a parser for C++ which can extract methods and members pertaining to a particular class(es) in a CPP file. I used Parser Generattor tool by BumbleBee softwares and did all the project settings as required by them but still keep on getting fatal errors in Exception Class(of Visual Studio 6 Library).

Is there a proper tool wherein I can integrate lex and yacc with VC++ 6.0.

Urgent Help Required. Please help

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I can't shift to Linux becoz my existing project is in VC++ 6.0 and I've to add parsing functionality to it. Hence you can see the problem here.


maybe you should contact BumbleBee. Also possible that VC++ 6.0 is too old. You might try a more current compiler such as the free VC++ 2005 Express.


Well the problem is not with Bumblebee. When I used a sample project from SampleCodeForLex/Yacc then also I faced the same error as mentioned below.

error C2440: '=' : cannot convert from 'struct _iobuf *' to 'class std::basic_istream<char,struct std::char_traits<char> > *'

for the code line

FILE   *temp,
lexer.yyin = f;

lexer is the object of the class CLexRC wherein CLexRC loks like this in first line of the class

class YYEXPLEXER YYFAR CLexRC : public _YL yyclexer {

please help.


It's assigning an uninitialized FILE* to another value? There's something wrong with that picture. Anyway, it looks like the yyin member is of type std::basic_istream<char, struct std::char_traits<char> >*, and the code is trying to assign a FILE* to it. At least, that's what the error message says.


so how to type cast it. I'm understanding the error but as a matter of fact the CPP file is not manually written. it gets generated by Bumblebee Parser Generator. I saw this kind of file stream assignment to most of the projects

What shall I do ?:sweat:


I'm now able to run lex files fine but while utilizing the yacc stack descriptors like '$$' it is giving the following error:

warning Y4003: '$$' : attribute is untyped

thought this is a warning now. If I'm assigning anything to it or trying to use string copy then it is throwing an error.

please help.


please help. I'm not able to $$ at all. the error Untyped Attribute is repeated at any case.

PLease help me it is kind of urgent.

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