Check out this screenie off my computer...


Crazy no?

Can you see what the top 5 processes are that use the most CPU?

Chances are you've got some spyware or other nasty happily sucking up your CPU cycles. It would definitely be a good idea to post the top processes. Especially if your computer is just idling.

Hope this helps

Lol. Guys, this is a joke screenshot, not to say it isn't legit, but that I did it under certain cirumstances, I was running 3DMark06 at 1280x1024 4xaa. The thing I found funny was the speed ratings Nvidia monitor threw off, I get a normal reading of 3000 MHz any other time. 3DMark eats up so much resources that NVIDIA's clock view on my system threw off some phoney numbers is all. No spyware or nothin', I'm sure of that much. I know the regular processes that are routine in procmanager, and I have a few extra xp plugins that I use myself, just saying, this is a bug, not a 3rd party problem.