I've got 24 season 1 on a hard drive in Xvid format, I was using cyberlink power director and producer to put it onto a dvd. Problem is only one episode fits per dvd.

Anyone know how to compress this so more than one episode fits per dvd. Or this will take 24 DVD's.

Or if someone can at least point me in the right direction like a web site or something

thanks again.

There are programs that can compress up to 7 gigabytes (dual layer size) into a regular DVD size, which is 4.7 GB. One program that can do this is Roxio's Popcorn; comes with Roxio Toast.

Thanks, but I can only find roxio popcorn for MAC OSX. Do we know anything for windows?????

the roxio popcorn website states osx as a system requirment

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