Is Dreamweaver a nice tool for design and web development? And it is a good tool for having a asp, aspx, php language for a page?

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The latest dreamweaver is quite good, but don't rely on the 'live-edit' features; if you don't know HTML they wont help you learn, and if you do know HTML you'll find them to be a hinderance.

As long as all you want is a syntax coloring text editor with a bit of code insight (i.e. it can list the attributes for tags and help with values like colors, fonts ) dreamweaver is a good tool.

I certainly wouldn't buy it for full price though..

For working with ASP/ASP.NET you'll probably want Visual Studio/Visual Studio.NET respectively, although neither are essential and you can write ASP certainly in any text editor. Same goes with PHP.

If all you want is a multisyntax coloring text editor, look at:


Both for Windows; Komodo is probably the better of the two as it provides script debugging for a number of languages.. You gotta pay for both, but nowhere close to as much as you'd have to pay for Dreamweaver or VS.NET..

I just want to know how good Dreamweaver is..i never change my notepad++ to other multisyntax coloring text editor. thanks for your comment

Well, it's a 'well made' product; and I suppose it helps with project/site management aswell, so it's more than just a text editor. Basically, it's a text editor, a (nasty) live editing tool, an ftp client, a site manager, some wizards, a little collection of javascript examples, and assorted tools (like one to make regions on image maps).

But; personally I don't think it's worth the price tag. If I bought a copy for home use it would cost more than my PC did 2 years ago (it's a cheap PC), and all of the functionality it provides is available in the form of individual tools.

I guess, it's down to personal preference; do you prefer a consolidated tool and environment, or lots of separate tools?

yup, I was curious on its environment.

I use aptana. Its opensource and baseed on eclipse. Has nice syntax highlithting, code completion etc...

Very dreamweaver like but without the WYSIWYG functions.

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