What about the PS3 online facility?
That is free is it not, while you still have to pay Bill some more money just for Xbox 360 LIVE :P

the PS online system isnt as good as Xbox Live. I have used Xbox Live and the Sony service myself.

The sony one has much less people using it than xbox live and has less additional content available and there is a lot of cheaters whereas on xbox live there is lots of exclusive content and people to check for cheaters and it only works out at a few pennies per day

Sony = free
Xbox Live = money £$£$
That could be the winning factor for the PS3...

its £40 a year - good value for money

never played playstation online.Went to a friend's house and played halo.good game.....for a shooter.

i never ever played online in ps2 or xbox i dont even know how :S but if u want a great game for cars i got 3

the best--midnight club3 remix edition

secon ----need for speed carbon collector's edition
third------- juiced

i am a car games maniac i finished carbon and midnightclub 3 but this damn juiced i bought a week ago so damn hard :@

Best racing game by far is the:
Gran Turismo series (for racing and variety of cars)
Followed by the Toca Rice Driver series (just for relalistic damage)

Juiced is simple as long as you stick with the four wheel drive cars (evo land!) :)

oh man
u r rite i forgot about grand turismu the best game and hardest driving game i ever played in ma life toca rica driver i never heard of it??

but i ain't looking for realistic games i am looking for fun games anyone who thinks nfs cabon is stupid say yes let me be the first to sayy


I played toca on the PS1 i think - maybe it was an old version or something but i remember it being way ahead of its time...

ok this is the generation of ps2 ps3 and xbox and 360 :P

NFS WAAAYYY too easy.... A friend of mine completed all levels in 2 days on hard level... A game that ends in 2 days is not a good game, however Soundtracks of all NFS are reeeaaalllyyyy COOOOLlll :)

no that is carer mode thats easy but did your friend play challenge mode??

But the dady of the them all for hardness is Gran Turismo. No one i know has ever got close to 100% completion. I still on 76% on GT4, i the highest out of all the people i know :)
Anyone else got higher, or even got the mythical 100% ?

Ive got 92% on GT3 i have nearly all the cars (lol ive had it since it got released)

loooooooooooooooooooooooool i got mmmmmmmmmm 5% but that was 5 or 6 years ago never played it since

Even though you have 92% bennet, you are rubbish at racing, seeing as i destoryed you at a game that i have never played before!
Was it Project Gothem Racing 1? I can't remember.
But watch out world, i believe GT5 has a world ranking system, look out for me when i get it, cause i gunna be flying up that table :)

Did i not totally anhilate you?
And teddy as well :P

lol i am the best person in driving games that is final :P

Are you now...
Have you got a 93% victory record on GT4?
I don't think so.
Only times i lost was when i let the computer drive in B spec mode! :P

yeah i still am i just dont have the time to and my ps2 is broke i broke it like 3 times and i lost hope in it thats why i never played ps2 for 4 years but i still play in computer so yes i still am

Did you have the original PS2 or the silly slimline version?

I thought the slimline was pointless!
What about everyone else?
I also thought that a silver version was also a stupid idea.

The silver one was quiter, more reliable, faster and had built-in IR

i liked lol the .......silver slim ntsc edition

Yeah, but my big black old skool version is still going strong! Not a single brake down since i first got it :)

xbox sux the first time i saw it in my life was 2 months ago and i gootta say it made a bad impression on me i didn't like it all