Hi all, just thought i'd post a bit about myself.
I am male, 38 years old, live in the UK in Nottinghamshire (Robin Hood county).
I am a hardware nut, a qualified electronics engineer and computer programmer (C) with past experience in mechanical engineering.
I love computers because in this illogical world, they give me something logical to cling on to ;)
I am also an LGV class C (HGV class 2) lorry driver.
I've never done web design before but am currently working on a website just for a hobby for me, my kids and friends. I'm using HTML/CSS and have absolutely no idea what I am doing really lol, but it keeps me occupied and I'm beginning to enjoy it. If you'd like to give me constructive criticism, it would be most welcome, just don't overwhelm me, remember i'm a noob :D - http://alienlinux.homelinux.net/
I run an OpenBSD 3 legged DMZ gateway which connects 3 different networks, the internet, my private network and a free and open wi-fi hot spot for my local community.
I'm running apache (chrooted) Unrealircd and am currently trying to get streaming ogg server working (no luck yet).
My desktop is a highly modded gentoo linux and am using quanta+ for web development.
My favourite topics are computer hardware, cool software, aliens and the like, physics, life, the universe and everything </hitchhikers guide to the galaxy> >D
see you out there :)

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good intro! :)
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Hey, welcome to DaniWeb from your pretty local admin - I'm in North Nottinghamshire/South Yorkshire/Lincolnshire, between Retford, Doncaster and Gainsborough in fact.

Hope you find us a helpful and interesting bunch, Mark.


Ive noticed that the sidebar is borken on some of your pages?

Yes I've noticed this but I can't work out which bit is causing that yet. Funny you picked up on that and I'm glad someone else can see it, because it's been driving me nuts for 3 days now hehe. As far as I can tell, its in the mystyle.css file - http://alienlinux.homelinux.net/mystyle.css

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