Hi everyone
I'm looking for some free pictures to use on my site and I googled it but all the pictures were clip art or cartoons. Does anyone know where I can get some real photos please.

Many thanks


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What kind of pictures are you looking for?

A variety really not of people but buildings landscape that type of thing.

Hmm... and Google didn't have any? That's strange.

Tell me if this works for you.

I searched it on Google Images.

Yes thats fine thanks

No problem, if there's anything else you need just tell me.

You could also try www.sxc.hu which is exactly what you are looking for.

If you want to find similar services then rather than typing into google the possible picture titles what you want are "stockphotos".

I hope that gives you better images because google images doesn't tend to give you very high res images.

I'm with the first post. I have been trying to find not only free pictures but royalty free pictures of poor mexican children. Anyone ever come across some?

Anyone's help would definitely be appreciated. :)

A good site that has millions of free excellent quality images is http://www.sxc.hu They also have a premium service too.

One of the best paid sites for stock images is www.istockphoto.com/ or Photodisc.

Sorry, didn't see this was already posted. My Bad...

Hi ,
i use this site: free pictures
At this site are more than 700 free pictures ... backlink is required

Have a nice day :)

google should not be a good resource for images (copyright reasons). When you use any image make sure you have the right permission.

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Try to use a catcher, through which the picture or flash element will be caught.you can get all th e picture you want from the internet( the picture must be SWF).
I know that sothink swf decompier have this functions,you can have a try if you want.

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