Hi All,

Just logged on to my main windows box to see the scan results from AVG Free have suddenly picked up a trojan in the 7Zip folder, which they have named Generic4.PJR and identified the file and 7zCon.sfx.

I have also logged on to the other 3 windows boxes that are running here and AVG has picked this file up on all 3 boxes.

What I am suprised about is that I am sure that 7zCon.sfx is a real 7Zip file. I also looked at the date modified for the file and it is I guess the last time that I used 7Zip on each of the boxes.

I have done a bit of googling on this file and it shows nothing of interest and strangley it doesn't appear in the AVG Virus Database.

Anyone else had this problem? Do we think that is a false alarm?


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Is it saying it is a potentially unwanted program or a virus?

I have the newest stable 7-zip. No virus.

My 7zcon.sfx is 129kb , how big is yours?

want me to send you a replacement file?

Mine is 129K as well and as I said it has not been modified since the 14/05/07. I might just download the program again and reinstall it.

But thanks for the offer

Was it a nightly development build that you installed?

7zip is opensource so its possible someone slipped a trojan into the CVS

Yes i have excatly the same problem i just moved it to the virus valt and ive had no other problems

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