I don't think I've ever been here before and I just signed up this morning. I had a google news alert this morning and saw someone was having a major malware infestion - namely vundo. I just fixed this for a client on Friday and it took me longer than my usual 30 to 45 minutes. So I know this one is a major pain the way it hookstraps to a startup process and all. Decided I'd do my good deed for the week and take 15 minutes to post the fix.

Then after all that ... getting registered and posting and all ... I decided to make it worth my while and say hi!

I'm a twentysomething male stuck between a rock and a hardplace in ways but soaring to new heights in others. I'm a news FREAK and love knowledge and learning. I'm an IT professional and know Windows Systems in and out. Networking is my "especiallity." I have been Microsoft, Cisco, and Novell certified. Not sure how much I will use this forum, but I enjoy helping others so I hope to help you! I am also a registered expert at experts-exchange.com.

Holla if you need me. Show some love!

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