Hi guys,

Can you please tell me which control panel do you prefer to run on a dedicated/managed servers?

Best Regards

Plesk or ensim should do the job.

The first control panel I used was Ensim it was ok and worked but it was very limited. I have managed several cpanel servers over the last few years. I think http://www.webhostautomation.com/webhost-840 is a good solution for smaller webhost determined to grow fast. It’s control panel software automates your hosting business so that it pretty well runs itself.
Good Luck in your search for a good CP!

i jus use phpmyadmin and SSH

Cpanel is pretty good.

Cpanel and WHM (Web Host Manager) all the way. These are very flexible and quick.

Over the years I found that just SSH is good enough, but you do have to deal with all command line administration, like adding sites in Apache Config, mysql administration and all the rest.

i like PhpMyAdmin for db work

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