I am an IT Manager for a Recruitment firm in Scotland, I do websites as a hobby using HTML, XML, Flash and ActionScript and pretty much learn as i go.

Other hobbies would be typically Scottish, golf golf golf... oh and golf!

I am looking forward to many a "gid" chat...


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I will be spending a week in August up on the coast between Aberdeen and Inverness in a small cottage to escape everything (except the midges) while I try and get the final editing for my latest book done and dusted.


Aberdeen is grand place to be getting away from it all, i did my undergrad there and go back regularly.


It is a technology for everyone kind of book. I am writing it for the Science Museum here in London, to be published by Wiley in Spring 2008, and it covers the topic of who we really are in this digital age.

Being Virtual is the working title, an exploration of everything about online identity from virtual worlds through to identity theft...

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