Well, I'm in a bit of a dilemma, I'm simply looking for a program that will unzip .rar files for free, I don't need a program to make .rar all I need is a freeware un-zipper, does anyone know of one?

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find a program called WinRAR,
the program has full options for 40 days, then hassles you to buy it, you don't have to buy the full product, but you loose some options, and it becomes an 'evaluation' copy.

Use 7-Zip. It is free

and you had better get that attatchment removed serunson as you are not allowed to post copyrighted software without permission. Also you do have to either buy or stop using after 40 days or else you are breaking the law

ugh not another thing i must do
thanks for the heads up, but "edit post" isn't displayed.

ask a mod

thanks stymiee, for editing my post!

wait, you break the law when you keep using winrar? that's just stupid. oh well, guess i'm going to have to use 7zip from now on.

I use winrar, does the job :)

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