I'm trying to install some .jar & .rar applications on my laptop (XP Pro, SP2) and/or Dell Axim hand held and applications fail to launch. Any suggestions for a technical illiterate?

jar are some form of java archive, like a cab file in windows, it stores files here and decompress then when the java application rur,,,,,,,,,rar are winrar files same thing as a zip file so you need winrar or the latest version of winzip to open/inflate these files. for the jar you need a java base program, java version six shoulddo the trick,,,,,,,,,,,However they might not be of much use to you if inflated

u need to have JDK/JRE installed to RUN .jar file
but, .jar can be OPENED by winrar or 7zip , etc programs, but u can see only class files, not of any use. u can get it from sun/java website.
it may fail, coz some jar files might have been written for mobile phones.. ; )

to ope .rar, as bobbyraw said, use latest winzip(trial/unregistered), or u can use 7zip(free software).

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