Alright guys. I need a lot of help.

About a half year ago, I had to buy a second HDD to put WinXp on, becuase I was using Vista, and my schooling wouldn't install on Vista.

SO I took my pc into a shop, had the guy install a new HDD with XP on it, somehow he ended up wiping out my Vista HDD.

Well I had to get my schooling done, and never tried to work on my Vista. SO today I finally got to it.

When I go to instal Vista now it says.

windows could not assign a drive letter to a partition on disk 0. the error occurred while preparing the computer's system volume. error code: 0x80004005

So, I went back to XP messed aroundi n Disk Management, everything seems to be working fine. It looks like a normal Drive, its labeled "F:". Obviously I cannot change it to "C:" as that is the letter on my master drive.

Anyone got an idea?

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Hmm.. thats a warning error.. What exactly are you trying to do? Where have you selected to install Vista? In order to install vista, you must have a separate partition, formatted using NTFS, and a certain amount of space allocated to the OS (Vista uses something around 3 GB?).

Anyways, it sounds like you are trying to install Vista on a partition that isn't formatted correctly.. What exactly are your different partitions labeled, what are they formated in (NTFS, FAT,), and how much space is allocated to each partition.

Well its gotta be correct format. Becuase I had Vista on there before. But I took it into a shop, to have XP installed, on the other hard drive, and he said he accidently wiped Vista from the originaly HDD, but I should have no problem re-installing -.-

lol.. which is exactly why you never let those morons touch your computer..

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