This may sound too lazy but...can somebody do an icon compiling console...for example
You place icons you made in a folder named:
then you run the console
and you get
icon.ico (with all the icons packed in it)

If you are as lazy as me to do it yourself, then i would like some help to do it myself

Do you mean you want to a C program that will copy all the files in the folders you mentioned into another folder? That isn't very difficult if you using FindFirstFile() and FindNextFile(), then for each file found call the win32 api function CopyFile().

>>can somebody do an icon compiling console
Yes I can do it, but I won't. I've given you the functions you need now do the work yourself and post code when you have questions.

no no no. I don't need software to copy files to folders man, iam not that silly. When you sort files in the windows explorer, you can see there are several icon sizes wether you sort files by list, icons or mozaics. Those have a single icon but with different resolutions of it in the same icon file.

What I want is a console application that will pack the different resolution icons (16x16,32x32,48x48) into a single icon file.

If I misunderstood you, theh i would like to read the explanation.

Thanks for the help

console program: WinZip, or PkZip, or gzip will do it.

console program: WinZip, or PkZip, or gzip will do it.

Are you sure sure, or your just guessing?

Of course I'm sure -- I use those programs regularly. How else do you think *.zip files get created.

No i mean, have you tested them compiling icons? I tried changing the .zip extension for .ico, but it didn't work, that's why I'm doubty

Those programs are not compilers -- they are compression which means they reduce the size of the file(s) as much as possible so that they don't take up as much space on the hard drive and reduce transmission time over the internet. Just changing the extension from zip to ico will do nothing -- programs that expect ico files will not be able to read it.

Why do you want to combine a bunch of ico files into one big ico file anyway? after compiling a *.cpp file that contains ms-windows resource file(s) the ico files are not used any more because the compiler will embed them into the *.exe file.

To enrich your knowledge, I notify you that icons have 3 basic sizes in windows xp. Each of the icons come with those 3 resolutions packed in a single icon, so that the icon embeded in the .ico is the one that looks better with the requested icon size. For example, when you sort files as a list in the explorer, the icons will show their 16x16 resolution, to look clean.

I don't want to compile icons for an .exe app, but for an icon. The icon could later be used in an exe.

Since this has nothing to do with any programming languge I'm going to move this thread to Software Developer's Lounge. I don't know the answer to your question.

well, its just what i asked for...CONGRATULATIONS, but dang! I downloaded ("bought") GIFMovieGear, so, I don't think iam uninstalling it, but I don't think that I'm using the console instead of just doing it the easy way, with GIFMovieGear.

But thank you.
Thank you very much

The people that visit this thread, for personal interests, read this:

in the readme file, it says the syntax is

./icobundle - outputfile inputfile(s)

but it really is

icobundl -o outputfile.ico inputfile.ico inputfile.ico (...)