My IE7 is really getting on my nerves. Every time I connect to the internet it stalls. Up to 10s. Really frustrating.

Not really asking questions or seeking help. Just blowing off steam.

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The thing that bothered me the most about IE7 was the wierdness of all the buttons. It just seemed like they were placed at random up in the toolbar.

Thank God for Firefox. ;)


Although I've used Firefox ever since I got my Mac, I have to admit that lately I've been using Opera the most. It doesn't have close the number of features found on Firefox, so the main reason I use Opera is speed. It's like an accelerated internet connection.

Internet Explorer Mac is out of the question, as it's too old and not universal binary. Safari is good, but it's too slow and doesn't really have any special features when you compare it to Firefox or Opera.


the slowness is due to the built in phishing scanner - it tells u if websites ur visiting are bad (e.g spyware ridden or known be say, fake bank sites). The scanner in the bottom right section of IE7

I disabled it as i dont like the fact that it reports what ypur looking at back to ms


I don't think that makes it stall.

It's like this:

I open, let's say 5 sites.
Terminate the connection.
Read stuff on sites, or write the post.
Connect to my ISP.
When it establishes connection (only) IE stalls. No connection activity whatsoever. I can see the activity in my tray and there is none.

One more thing:
The more sites opened, the longer is the stall.

But, now I'm back to the IE6. And not by my choice. Will write a new steam-blowing thread about it soon.

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