Who likes or remembers the Marvel Comics?I played the new game, and I was wondering if anyone likes it?:S

I don't ;-/

The smilies are all gone btw

Dani, lookie: Can you even see that post? Strange.. :-/

liked the comics. not the game. i liked street fighter. the punisher (game) was OK though.

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There is going to be a wolverine movie in 2008 as well as an iron-man movie.Hopefully they won't be as bad as the other ones.My favorite heroes were wolverine,cap america,iceman,iron man, and dr strange.The coolest enemy was doctor doom.Galactus was pretty cool too.Anyone remember Black Panther or Deadpool?

I remember them and used to be quite a comic collector. In fact, I still have about 5000 comics (literally) stored at my parents' place. I liked Marvel comics better than DC comics because the story lines were more mature, and the art was great. Among my favorites: The X-Men and Spiderman.

However, then the storylines started to get too complicated, sub-plots within sub-plots within sub-plots. They started to feel too much like soap operas. So I stopped buying years ago. Now, I take a look at the comic line-ups just to see what's available, but I haven't seen anything to turn me into a purchaser again. And the prices have sure gone up (Ouch!)


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How much do they cost.The prices when I stopped buying them were around $2.50.Nightcrawler was awesome but flash was pretty cool too.Marvel was better than DC and had better paper.