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Hey everyone,

Well, our college wants us students to make one "mini-project", a site with a database plus something in e-commerce.

Now, I've chosen the topic as "comics".
Can you guys help me create one ? Nothing too complex.

Here's what I have on mind.

The site will have 3 sections.
1. Comic profiles
2. News / Articles
3. Store / Shopping cart

Now, there will be user logins and the site will be accessible to only registered users.

1. Comic profiles.
Lets say we have 10 comic superheroes. Each character will have a page listing his name / alias / powers / enemies / photo etc.
Something like /charprofile.php?=phantom

An admin can add new characters, or edit existing ones. A separate admin section need not exist.

2. News / Articles.
A simple articles publishing system, where registered users can submit their content, which goes into review. When an admin approves it, it is published and others can leave comments.

3. Store / Cart
Say, 10 products listed. Select them, enter address and proceed to checkout.

That's it. I hope its not too complex.

Now, all these 3 are in the Wrox book( Beginning PHP5, Apache... ) that I have, but not in the manner that I want.

So, is anyone reading this and is willing to help ?