Hi. I'm using IE 6.0 (pre-installed). I got this Virus about 3 weeks before where the IE just loads 50+ active windows when certain links in an active IE window is clicked. It also does the same when and e-mail ad link is clicked on the Outlook. All the antiviruses I ran before did not detect it, so I ended up doing a System restore, and all was well...until I got it again.

i just installed ArcGIS and I don't want to do system restore (again). Please help. How can I fix this, and how can I prevent it from happening again.

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Don't click the links? I'd also recommend upgrading to IE 7, apprently it's a lot better security wise. Aside from that and keeping your anti-virus up to date, you just have to avoid getting the virus by changing your usage habits...

Hmmm...I guess the problem is, I can't actually tell if a link will cause the multiple windows or not. So far I only found out today that the Virus is back again because I happen to click on a link by chance. My main concern is to remove from the system the virus that causes it. I suppose not clicking the link doesn't mean the virus is not there.

Also, I just finished my scans with Norton, Spybots and bitdefender. All of them were updated a few hours ago, and all of them did not solve it

Okay, do as Infarction said and update to IE 7. Also, download some good virus protection software like Avast or AVG. Both should be able to find and destroy the virus.. Perhaps you should try not to get any viruses to begin with.. ;)

Thanks for the tips! This problem was finally resolved today. It is apparently not a Virus but a wrong setting in the default e-mail launcher.

Glad you got the problem resolved.

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