When is it appropriate to add a server to host our data?
Our database fitson a destop, is less then 20 gigs
we are networked to a large municipal network
seldom more then two users access the data?
So why migrate to the complexity of a server?

Some people smarter then I, have consuled me to budget for a server but not explained why.

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The difference between a "server" and a "desktop" is not clearly defined. If your current computer system is capable of holding all the data, with room to grow, and fulfulling all demands for data/queries, then it is adequate. You're already essentially using the 'box', whatever it is, as a server.


The speed, size of storage, number of other computers accessing the data, a web hosting application that requires a 24/7 presences, these are reason that seem to warrant the consideration of adding another "box". Those added boxes are often less powerful and have less storage. They do seem to have server software to add functionality. Is that functionality not available in a desktop environment?


"Server" functionality comes from the OS, not the hardware, per se. However, some machines sold as servers also bundle hardware, such as tape backup devices, to support a 24/7 operation.

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