I was wondering if I could install a mac, on a Pc??? I don't know what the specs would be because I'm getting it from my uncle soon. I don't think the specs will be very high, but it could to be a "not so bad" system specs. I have never worked on a mac before. I know nothing a bout mac's, except that I have never worked on them before, never touched one.

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>not at all????
Not legally.

>Why not?????
Because Apple forbids it. They don't want to lose revenue on their hardware, so they sell the OS and the machine as a package deal.


Is installing it through an emulator illegal?? I have read some articles about it and they say that it is legal to do it that way. I really don't want to do anything stupid like go out and buy the software and download the emulator if it is illegal!!!!


The only Mac OS X emulator I'm aware of is PearPC, however that only emulates the PowerPC version of Mac OS X, and hasn't received an update in like 2 years. So it's only really useful for experimentation.

The legality of it is debated, but it isn't straight-out illegal like the x86 project (website that documents hacks to get OS X running on a PC). As long as you own the copy of OS X, I'd say you're fine.

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