Al Gore is a functional retard as are the people that believe the crap he spews (much like the active volcanoes mentioned above). He is a danger to capitalism and is a typical liberal hypocrite. "Sure I do the things that I preach against, but I am me, and you are you. Do as I say, not as I do because I sure as hell don't want to live like I am telling you to live. I don't want to drive what I am telling you to drive. I want to be comfortable in my mansions that I got from fooling fools, but you need to conserve and cut the a/c down, which by the way you would not need were it not for Bush causing hot summers..."

See what I am getting at?

but the keywords here are acceleration and co-relation. while earth's temperatures have been rising for a very long time it has never rose at the rate at which it rises now. and it also happens at the same time that we have released huge amounts of green house gasses into the atmosphere.

Can you offer proof of similar warming events after volcanic activity? From some of what I've read, the average major eruption tosses more greenhouse gasses into the air than all human efforts combined. If there isn't a corelation between eruptions and warming, I'm going to assume that simply pumping greenhouse gasses won't cause warming.

by day the earth receives heat energy from the sun. and at night that energy is lost back into space. this maintains earth's temperature at a roughly stable level over large geological time periods. however ask anyone who knows either farming or geology and he will tell you that your coldest nights are the nights without cloud cover because the clouds will prevent the loss of heat to the cold and dark regions of space. that is a natural green house. in my country which is warmer than both USA and Europe one can clearly see the difference between a cloudless and cloudy night. a cloudless night tends to have frost. especially during winter. i am going to take a guess and say that the USA central, southern and western regions are similar.

gasses like CO2 emulate that effect. it traps the suns heat and it cannot escape into space and over time the temperature of a planet increases. we have an example in our own solar system. it is called venus.

although venus is roughly one third closer to the sun than earth the difference in temperature cannot be explaned by that distance alone. the chief difference is that venus has all of its CO2 in its atmosphere while earth's is mostly in the earth itself.

Unless you're seriously tossing out an argument that mankind's activities can cause the CO2:Atmosphere ratio to hit levels similar to that on Venus, then this argument doesn't hold water. [And if you are seriously suggesting that, I'd [I]love[/I] to see where you're getting your data from.] And you admit that most of the earth's CO2 is held elsewhere, not in the atmosphere, but you seem to be ignoring the fact that there are many natural CO2 traps around the world. To a limited extent, every blade of grass would qualify, as it removes some small amount of CO2 from the atmosphere, releasing O2 waste, during its own respiration. Ditto for all other plants. Even with human-driven CO2 release, the CO2 won't just build-build-build to the point of no return; it will be reclaimed by the earth.

now i admit that the current heating up could be natural but as i told aia we cannot be sure and we have to make very sure.

The current heating is most likely natural, yes. There have been, as I believe you noticed, multiple periods of heating/cooling over history. And I believe we left behind the most recent cooling phase, called the 'Little Ice Age', within the past couple of centuries. We're probably just warming back up to normal.
What's so bad about a warm earth, anyway? From the evidence of the Medieval Warm Period (Heating era prior to the Little Ice Age), living things tend to do better under warmer conditions.

taking the stands of "there is no direct link; it could all be a co-incidence...." means that we are taking some sort of gamble. if the gamble is wrong then as soon as there is enough CO2 in the atmosphere to turn earth into second venus the earth is going to die along with everyone on it. some might say that it is not going to happen in our life time and they are right. but we have to think of future generations.

Again, do you seriously think that, given the workings of the carbon cycle over the entire history of the earth, humankind has the ability to push the ratios from Earth-normal to Venus-normal? Where. Is. Your. Evidence. For. This. Claim?

but the keywords here are acceleration and co-relation.

I'd have to agree. Is there evidence or either?

Aia? Work of art!:icon_razz:

Thank you, but not really. It would have been a work of art if I would have written what I meant.
Al Gore is a work of fiction, instead of
The name of Al Goreis a work of fiction.

There is no evidence that there is a suddence rise in temperature it has all been assumed. We have only been keeping records for the last 200 years at best.

Global warming may be happening. However what we have been told is nothing but overblown rubbish. Yes we can take better care of the planet i have said that already but what we are seeing from the media and other people is an overstatement of the facts. People are more interested in things like this if they think it is going to affect them or something drastic could arise out of it. The media knows this and makes it into a much bigger thing then it is and twists the facts to do so.

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my opinion is that global warming is natural but that mans activity is accelerating it.

Really though i think that Co2 is not the problem. Infact without Co2 life would cease to exist on the earth and personally i do not think that supposedly increased levels of it are really going to affect us that much. Infact alough everyone keeps saying that the temperature is rising because of Co2 emmisions nobody has come out with the data to say that Co2 levels in our atmosphere are infact increasing.

In reality it is other greenhouse gases if anything that are going to be the culprits of increasing temperatures and really i cant think of any being released into the atmosphere in amounts that are going to cause these problems.

my opinion is that global warming is natural but that mans activity is accelerating it.

Well, let's make legislation restricting individual liberties based on something more than opinions.